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Preliminary pages     HTML | PDF

Expedition reports


Expedition 343/343T summary    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 343/343T Scientists

Methods    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 343/343T Scientists

Site C0019    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Expedition 343/343T Scientists

Core descriptions

Visual core descriptions (VCDs), smear slide data, and core images are included in this section. VCDs and smear slides are combined into PDF files for each site. The entire set of core images in PDF is available in the IMAGES directory.

Site C0019
Visual core descriptions · Smear slides

Expedition research results

Data reports

Data report: permeability and consolidation behavior of sediments from the northern Japan Trench subduction zone, IODP Site C0019    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Robert D. Valdez II, Rachel M. Lauer, Matt J. Ikari, Hiroko Kitajima, and Demian M. Saffer

Data report: rate- and state-dependent friction parameters of core samples from Site C0019, IODP Expedition 343 (JFAST)    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Matt J. Ikari

Data report: tectonic and induced structures in the JFAST core    HTML | PDF | Cited by
Tucker T. Keren and James D. Kirkpatrick

Supplementary material

Supplementary material for this volume includes daily reports in PDF format, smear slide data in PDF format, structural geology data in PDF format, structure scans in TIFF and JPG formats, and visual core descriptions in PDF format. See README.TXT in the SUPP_MAT directory for a full listing of directories and files.






Uniaxial CRS and triaxial permeability data in Microsoft Excel format for Valdez et al. (2015).


Structure depth data in Microsoft Excel and plain text formats are included for Keren and Kirkpatrick (2016).


Drilling location maps

A site map showing the drilling locations for this expedition and maps showing the drilling locations of all Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), Ocean Drilling Program (ODP), and Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) drilling sites are available in PDF format. These maps were produced using Generic Mapping Tools (GMT) of Paul Wessel and Walter H.F. Smith (

IODP Expedition 343/343T site map
IODP map (Expeditions 301–329, 339–340, and 343/343T)
ODP map (Legs 100–210)
DSDP map (Legs 1–96)

Expedition-related bibliography

The Expedition-related bibliography covers IODP, journal, book, and conference publications.