Logging/downhole measurements strategy

Hole C0002F

During drilling of Hole C0002F, MWD/LWD tools will be run between 860.3 and 3600 mbsf. This provides the ability to monitor drilling parameters and conditions and to collect gamma ray and resistivity logs to define major lithologic changes in real time (MWD) as well as record high-resolution borehole and formation conditions (LWD). The MWD tool suite will include annular pressure while drilling, weight on bit, torque, hole inclination, and gamma radiation. The geoVISION LWD tool will be added to this suite to obtain LWD azimuthal resistivity data and borehole resistivity images in order to further define stratigraphic boundaries and to characterize bedding, minor faults, and any breakouts or tensile fractures induced by drilling. In addition, and pending tool and budget availability, a sonicVISION LWD tool or a proVISION tool will be included in the logging suite. SonicVISION would provide compressional velocity data during drilling. ProVISION (nuclear magnetic resonance) would provide mineralogy-independent porosity, fluid volumes, and permeability data on the formation during drilling. Feasibility studies to assess the impact of RWD on data fidelity are ongoing.