Site summaries (continued)

Site WI-01B

Priority: High
Position: Lat 37°21'32.53"N (37°21.542), Long 9°24'39.41"W (–9°24.656) (WGS 84)
Water depth (m) 1074
Target depth (mbsf): 675
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): Pending EPSP/TAMU Safety Panel approval
Previous drilling in area: None
Comments: Jurisdiction: Portugal
Potential hazards: shallow gas, shallow-water flow, soft seabed, strong currents
Survey coverage (track map, seismic profile) • Bathymetric sketch with site and seismic lines positions on the contourite depositional system on the western Portuguese middle slope (Fig. AF10)
• Multichannel seismic reflection (MCS) profile (Line PD00-522) across the plastered drift on the middle slope (Fig. AF11)
Objectives (see text for complete details): Quaternary and Pliocene sedimentary record due to MOW in a distal part of the contourite system (West Iberian margin)
Drilling/coring program: Double APC to refusal, then single XCB/RCB hole to 675 mbsf
Temperature measurements: APCT-3
Downhole logging program: Standard tools: triple combo, FMS-sonic, VSI
Anticipated lithology: Sands, silts, and clays