Site summaries (continued)

Site SHACK-04A

Priority: High
Position: Lat 37°34.29'N (37.571475), Long 10°7.57'W (–10.12616) (WGS 84)
Water depth (m) 2578
Target depth (mbsf): 150
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 150
Previous drilling in area: None
Comments: Jurisdiction: Portugal
Potential hazards: shallow gas, shallow-water flow, soft seabed, strong currents
Survey coverage (track map, seismic profile) • Track lines for seismic Lines Steam-9407 and BS-09 indicating position of proposed Site SHACK-04A (Fig. AF12).
• Seismic Line BS09 indicating the position of proposed Site SHACK-04A at shotpoint 3950 (Fig. AF13)
• Seismic Line Steam-9407 showing the position of proposed Site SHACK-04A and depth of penetration (~150 mbsf) (Fig. AF14)
Objectives (see text for complete details): • Recover millennial-scale marine reference section for the Pleistocene
• Provide marine sediment analog to the polar ice cores
• Reconstruct deep water circulation changes (i.e., mixing ratio of southern and northern component water)
• Facilitate marine-terrestrial correlations
• Construct an integrated stratigraphy
Drilling/coring program: Quadruple APC to refusal, drillover
Temperature measurements: APCT-3
Downhole logging program: None
Anticipated lithology: Hemipelagic muds