Site summaries (continued)

Proposed Site CRIS-20A

Priority: Contingency
Position: 8°57.381′N, 84°3.796′W
Water depth (m): 89
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 100
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 100
Survey coverage: Inline 1057, Xline 2945
• Track map (Fig. AF1)
• Seismic profile (Fig. AF10)
• Location map (Fig. F6)
Objective: Characterize sediments to correlate with 3-D seismic stratigraphy.
Drilling, coring, and downhole measurements program: • APC to refusal.
• Formation temperature measurements (APCT-3).
• FlexIt core orientation measurements.
Nature of rock anticipated: Sediments: mud and silt, mud-supported breccia.