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We performed CRS consolidation experiments and hydrometer measurements to characterize the consolidation, transport, and grain size characteristics of sediments recovered from Expedition 341 Sites U1420 and U1421. We found that compression indexes, swelling indexes, and permeability exhibited very little trend with depth at either site, but both compression index and permeability followed power-law relationships with median grain diameter. Greater clay-sized fractions were correlated with higher compression indexes, but no correlation was observed between the clay-sized fraction and permeability. Swelling index was consistently ~16.8% of the compression index. Samples generally had equal portions of sand-, silt-, and clay-sized particles, and the large standard deviations of the grain size distributions indicated very poor sorting. The data recorded during CRS consolidation experiments suggested that the samples had undergone severe coring disturbance, with no evidence of preconsolidation stress. Our measurements provide important information on the physical properties of sediments within the Pamplona zone.