Drilling plan and contingency

Contingency operations for Expedition 326 are based on the current state of knowledge at the time of publication of the Scientific Prospectus. These plans may be modified both before and during the expedition, based on continuing NanTroSEIZE Project Management Team (PMT) discussions. The Expedition 326 drilling and casing plan is shown in Figure F4. The following operations are planned:

Planned Hole C0002F is located ~60 m northwest of Hole C0002A (Fig. F5); a position chosen on the basis of the surrounding relatively flat seafloor topography and to maximize the distance from the planned riserless observatory currently scheduled for installation later this year during IODP Expedition 332. Top hole operations will begin with deploying the transponders, setting the guidehorn, and jetting in the 36 inch conductor pipe to 60 mbsf. Drilling will proceed to a minimum of 800 mbsf with a 26 inch bit. After reaching TD, 20 inch casing will be run in and cemented. Operations will be completed with setting a corrosion cap on the wellhead and retrieving the transponders.