Site summary

Site C9001

Priority:  Primary
Position:  41°10.5983′N, 142°12.0328′E
Water depth (m):  1180
Target drilling depth (mbsf):  2200
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf):  2500
Survey coverage (track map; seismic profile): Primary lines: ODSRW03H-81~87 Crossing lines: ODSRW03H-B1~B7
Objective: Exploration of coalbed-hydrocarbon system and deep biosphere
Drilling program: Riserless: 0–365 mbsf Riser: 647–2200 mbsf
Logging program: 1. High-Resolution Laterolog Array (HRLA)
2. Platform Express (PEX) and Hostile Environment Natural Gamma Ray Sonde (HNGS)
3. Fullbore Formation MicroImager (FMI) and Dipole Sonic Imager (DSI)
4. Versatile Seismic Imager (VSI) for check shot
5. Combinable Magnetic Resonance (CMR) tool
6. Modular Formation Dynamics Tester (MDT) using Quicksilver Probe and InSitu Fluid Analyzer (IFA)
7. Mechanical Sidewall Coring Tool (MSCT)
650–1220 mbsf: Numbers 1–4
1220–2200 mbsf: Numbers 1–7

Nature of rock anticipated: Hemipelagic silty clay, conglomerate, lacustrine sandstone, mudstone, and lignite coal