Site summaries (continued)

Site BSB-2B

Priority: Alternate
Position: 56°34.667′N, 11°47.320′E
Water depth (m): 34.2
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 149
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 155
Seismic coverage: Primary line(s): GeoB06-012, SP 3820 Crossing line(s): GeoB06-005b, SP 7387; GeoB06-010, SP 2689, SES-96 parametric sediment echosounder
Imagery: No photography or video available.
Sampling: No marine drilling, but land drilling (Lykke-Andersen et al., 1993), gravity Core 318270-3 (FS Merian Cruise MSM-01).
Objectives (see text for details): 1. To recover the most complete sediment sequence covering the Saalian (MIS 6), Eemian (MIS 5e), and early Weichselian (MIS 2–4 and MIS 5a–5d).
2. Thick Holocene sediments can also be expected.
Drilling Program: Up to 3 × APC to refusal, XCB to target depth and up to 5 short cores to capture the upper 0.75 m of the sequence undisturbed.
Downhole logging program: Standard logging suite: neutron-porosity, lithodensity, gamma ray, resistivity, acoustic, and formation image.
Anticipated lithology: Holocene mud, contourites (?), glacial varved clays, clayey tills, and Eemian mud.

Seismic interpretation:

0–12 m 1450 m/s Clay Marine late Holocene
12–84 m 1450 m/s Varved clay Late Glacial
84–137 m 1600 m/s Till, Glacial, interstadial/interglacial
137–149 1600 m/s Clay Glacial, interstadial/interglacial