Site summaries (continued)

Site BSB-6B

Priority: Primary
Position: 55°41.520′N, 15°32.250′E
Water depth (m): 67
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 52
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 58
Seismic coverage: Primary line(s): GeoB06-069, SP 13711, SES-96 parametric sediment echosounder
Imagery: No photography or video available.
Sampling: No marine drilling, but land drilling (Lykke-Andersen et al., 1993), Core 318270-3 (vibro core), Core 318280-5 (vibro core) (FS Merian Cruise MSM-01).
Objectives (see text for details): To drill and recover early and mid-Weichselian littoral lake sediments.
Drilling Program: Up to 3 × APC to refusal, XCB to target depth and up to 5 short cores to capture the upper 0.75 m of the sequence undisturbed.
Downhole logging program: Standard logging suite: neutron-porosity, lithodensity, gamma ray, resistivity, acoustic, and formation image.
Anticipated lithology: Holocene mud, glacial varved clays, glacial tills, and Eemian mud.

Seismic interpretation:

0–13 m 1500 m/s Clay Marine late Holocene
13–52 m 1600 m/s Till, clay, partly deformed Glacial, interstadial/interglacial