Site summaries (continued)

Site BSB-11

Priority: Primary
Position: 62°57.35′N, 17°47.70′E
Water depth (m): 68
Target drilling depth (mbsf): +30
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): +40
Seismic coverage: Primary line(s): 71021604 Crossing line(s): 71021706, chirp sonar profile.
Imagery: No photography or video available.
Sampling: Several short (maximum 15 m) sediment cores available from the area (published).
Objectives (see text for details): Site BSB-11 is located close to the small city Kramfors for the purpose of connecting the clay varve series with varves being deposited at present in the Ångermanälven River.
Drilling Program: Up to 3 × APC to refusal, XCB to target depth and up to 5 short cores to capture the upper 0.75 m of the sequence undisturbed.
Downhole logging program: Standard logging suite: neutron-porosity, lithodensity, gamma ray, resistivity, acoustic, and formation image.
Anticipated lithology: Varved glacial clay end silt.