Site summaries (continued)

Site BSB-3

Priority: Primary
Position: 55°01′N, 10°07′E
Water depth (m): 35
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 150
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 156
Seismic coverage: Primary line(s): DA98-31 Crossing line(s): DA98-32; DA98-33
Imagery: No photography or video available.
Sampling: No marine drilling, Kegnaes-1 ~20 km south of site (deep well; hydrocarbon search). No hydrocarbon shows.
Objective (see text for details): To drill and sample the most complete stratigraphic Baltic Sea Basin sediment section to reconstruct the climate and glacial history of northern Europe during the Last Glacial cycle.
Drilling Program: Up to 3 × APC to refusal, XCB to target depth and up to 5 short cores to capture the upper 0.75 m of the sequence undisturbed. One additional core for the deep biosphere theme.
Downhole logging program: Standard logging suite: neutron-porosity, lithodensity, gamma ray, resistivity, acoustic, and formation image.
Anticipated lithology: Unconsolidated clays and sand; Eemian mud.

Seismic interpretation:

0–150 m 1800 m/s Clay/sand Marine/Glacial