Site summaries (continued)

Site IND-04A

Priority: Primary
Position: 16º36.8820′N, 69º21.5100′E
Water depth (m): 3622
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 950
Approved maximum penetration: Basement + 200 m
Survey coverage (track map; seismic profile): Bathymetric sketch and site track map (Fig. AF7) Deep-penetration seismic reflection:
• Primary line: W-06 (SP 12875) (Fig. AF8)
Objectives: • Reconstruct changes in weathering and erosion rates over tectonic timescales
• Examine linkage between basement samples and Deccan Traps volcanism
• Constrain paleogeographic reconstructions and continental break-up
Drilling program: Hole A:
• APC to refusal with nonmagnetic core barrels, core orientation (FlexIT tool), and APCT-3
Hole B:
• APC to refusal with nonmagnetic core barrels
• XCB to 500 mbsf
Hole C:
• Drill down to 490 mbsf
• RCB with nonmagnetic core barrels to 950 mbsf (includes 50 m of basement)
Downhole logging program: Hole C:
• Triple combo
• FMS-sonic
Nature of rock anticipated: Siltstone, sandstone, shale, basalt, granite