Site surveys

Sites proposed for Expedition 355 were selected based on an extensive seismic survey covering much of the eastern Arabian Sea (Fig. F5). The existing seismic grid will be further enhanced by seismic tie-lines around the proposed sites to be collected in 2014. This seismic grid will permit us to estimate the overall sediment budget and thus sediment accumulation rates after coring through the reflectors during the expedition. In addition, industrial wells on the shelf adjacent to the proposed sites, as well as previous DSDP holes, have been used to infer the lithologies we expect to encounter and to provide estimated depositional ages to the sediment packages prior to the expedition. Furthermore, we have utilized available seismic refraction, reflection, gravity, and magnetic data from this region to establish the geodynamic setting of the drill sites. High-resolution multibeam bathymetric data have also been acquired around the proposed sites (Fig. F6). Supporting site survey data for Expedition 355 are archived at the IODP Site Survey Data Bank.