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The corrected ρB and derived ρD and ϕ logs from the MSCL data presented here provide improved and higher resolution petrophysical data sets for ongoing studies of the ACEX sediments. The ρD records are a necessary requirement for calculating mass accumulation rates, whereas the ϕ data can be used to investigate compaction-related processes at the ACEX site and, through integration with seismic data, regional lithology-dependent trends. However, variability remains in these records that is not entirely associated with in situ lithologic change.

On future expeditions, improved MSCL data quality can be obtained with overlapping recovery from which high-quality cores can be selectively used in the construction of the composite section, higher resolution MAD sampling for comparison and correction of the MSCL data, and finally, when possible, the use of split-core MSCL systems that remove uncertainties associated with variations in core thicknesses.