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The authors would like to thank our shore-based collaborators on the North Pond project who helped imagine and plan for the CORK observatory experiments (James Cowen, Andrew Fisher, Peter Girguis, Brian Glazer, and Julie Huber), the scientists who helped to assemble the CORKs during Expedition 336 (Steffen Jørgensen, Heath Mills, Joe Russell), and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)-Texas A&M University/​Siem Offshore staff who helped to assemble the CORKs (Joe “Bubba” Attryde, Phil Christie, Charlie Watts, Wayne Malone, Gemma Barrett, Tim Bronk, Lisa Crowder, Kristin Hillis, Steve Midgley, Mike Storms, Garrick Van Rensburg, Bartolome Estaoya, and Dionisio Germo). We also acknowledge the contribution of the Geological Survey of Canada for the design and construction of the pressure monitoring systems. Support for this work has been provided by the National Science Foundation (OCE-0946795 and OCE-1060855 to K. Becker), the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Max Planck Society and the Danish National Research Foundation, and IODP. This is the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI) contribution Number 131.