Site summaries

Site JB-3 (Japan Basin, Japan Sea)

Priority: Primary (medium)
Position: 43°45.99′N, 138°49.99′E (WGS 84)
Water depth (m) 3435
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 200
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 200
[EPSP 2008] *Pending request to EPSP for 250
Previous drilling in area: ODP Site 795 drilled ~40 km NE of this proposal site
Piston core: GH95-1208
Comments: Old site name: JS-5B
Jurisdiction: Japan EEZ
Potential hazards: typhoon season (June to October)
Survey coverage
(track map, seismic profile):
Bathymetric sketch and site track map (Fig. AF1)
High-resolution seismic reflection:
• Primary line(s): KR05-09, Line 5N4346 (SP321) (Fig. AF2)
• Crossing lines(s): KR05-09, Line 5E13850 (SP487) (Fig. AF3)
3.5 kHz: R05-09: Line 5N4346, Line 5E13850
Objectives (see text for complete details): High-resolution reconstruction of dust flux, as well as other paleoceanographic records, in the southern part of the Japan Sea during the last 4 m.y.
Drilling, coring, and downhole measurements program: Triple APC to 200 mbsf
Temperature measurements: APCT-3
Orientation on first hole: FlexIt
Downhole logging program: NA
Anticipated lithology: Diatomaceous clay to silt