Site summaries (continued)

Site UB-1 (Ullung Basin, South Korean Plateau)

Priority: Primary (high)
Position: 37°54.16′N, 131°32.25′E (WGS 84)
Water depth (m) 1064
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 285
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 285
[EPSP 2008] *Pending request to EPSP for 335
Previous drilling in area:  
Comments: Old site name: JS-11C
Jurisdiction: Korea EEZ
Potential hazards: typhoon season (June to October)
Survey coverage (track map, seismic profile): Bathymetric sketch and site track map (Fig. AF18)
Deep-penetration seismic reflection:
• Primary line(s): Line_04GH-12 (Fig. AF19)
• Crossing line(s): Line_04GH-20 (Fig. AF20)
Objectives (see text for complete details): High-resolution analyses of dust flux, SST, SSS, organic C flux, carbonate C flux, and opal flux in the western part of the Japan Sea during the last 10 m.y. in order to reconstruct millennial-scale variability and million year–scale evolution of Asian summer monsoon, winter monsoon, Westerly Jet, subpolar front, surface productivity, and deepwater ventilation
Drilling, coring, and downhole measurements program: Triple APC to 200 mbsf; double XCB to 285 mbsf
Temperature measurements: APCT-3
Orientation on first hole: FlexIt
Downhole logging program: Standard tools: triple combo, FMS-sonic
Anticipated lithology: Diatomaceous clay to silty clay