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We are grateful for the advice and assistance provided by Steve Midgley, Mike Storms, Tom Pettigrew, Phil Christie, Joe (Bubba) Attryde, Charlie Watts, Nick Parrish, Cecil (Jardin) Jones, and Wayne Malone in configuring and operating tracer injection and sampling systems during Expedition 327. Bill Mills, Mike Meiring, Eric Jackson, Kristin Hillis, Randy Gjesvold, Kevin Grigar, Garrick Van Rensburg, Dustin Winslow, Dean Ferrell, Lisa Crowder, Tim Bronk, Lisa Brandt, Tim Fulton, Bob Aduddell, Stefan Mrozewski, Takeshi Tsuji, Katie Inderbitzen, Katerina Petronotis, Chris Bennight, Amanda Turner, and Thomas Gorgas assisted with the configuration of the tracer injection and sampling systems and were essential in the collection of RIS data and rig floor injectate samples. Planning and construction of injection and sampling systems was supported by US National Science Foundation grants OCE-0550713 and OCE-0727952 (AF), OCE-0549910 and OCE-0726838 (JPC), OCE-0727119 (CGW), and OCE-0550203 and OCE-0726563 (JFC). Elizabeth Screaton and Evan Solomon provided careful reviews that helped clarify the presentation in this paper. This is contribution number 102 from the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations.