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Appendix D

Method for calculating the amount of drill water contamination

The following equation implies that peak area = 10b (PFT mass injected)m:

drill water (L)/core material (g) =
[(PBC/10b)1/m]/(CDW× W × F1),


  • PBC = blank corrected integrated peak area of PFT in injected sample (in arbitrary units),
  • b = intercept derived from the calibration curve,
  • m = slope derived from the calibration curve,
  • CDW = PFT concentration in drilling fluid (in grams/liter),
  • W = weight of sediment sample (in grams), and
  • F1 = fraction of total headspace injected:
F1= Vinj/[Vvial – (Wbulk)],


  • Vinj = volume of sample injected (in liters),
  • Vvial = volume of vial (in liters),
  • ρbulk = sediment sample density (in grams/liter), and
  • W = weight of sample (in grams).