Site summaries (continued)

Site SENR-1B

Priority: Alternate
Position: 41°36.00′N, 49°18.00′W
Water depth (m): 2750
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 200
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): Request 500; pending EPSP approval
Survey coverage: •Primary line: KNR 179-1, Line 20, SP 207 1610 (alternate site: SP 207 1555, but no crossing line)
•Crossing lines: KNR 179-1, Line 52, SP 224 0410
Objective: Shallow end of the depth transect; ~200 m of lower Eocene to Campanian ooze, overlying ~200 m of Albian–Coniacian pelagic sediments and reef strata; PETM; Paleocene hyperthermals.
Coring program: •Hole A: APC/XCB to 250 mbsf with orientation and APCT-3
•Hole B: APC/XCB to 250 mbsf
•Hole C: APC/XCB to 250 mbsf
•See “Drilling strategy” and Tables T1, T3
Wireline logging program: •NA
•See “Downhole measurements strategy” and Tables T1, T3
Anticipated lithology: Carbonate ooze, hemipelagic clay, shallow-water carbonates