Site summaries

Site MBF-3A

Priority: Primary
Position: 08°0.4200′N, 088°44.5020′E
Water depth (m): 3618
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 1500
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 1500
Survey coverage (track map; seismic profile): • Map (Fig. AF1)
• Seismic Line GeoB97-20+27, CMP 19338 (Fig. AF2)
• Seismic Line GeoB06-223, CMP 1428 (Fig. AF3)
Objective(s): • Neogene history
• Early fan history
• Depocenter migration
Drilling program: Hole A: APC/XCB to 500 m Hole B: RCB to 1500 m
Logging program and downhole measurements program: • APC core orientation and formation temperature measurements (APCT-3)
• Wireline log with triple combo, FMS-sonic, check shot with VSI
Nature of rock anticipated: Mud turbidites