Logging/Downhole measurements strategy

Formation temperature measurements

We plan a series of formation temperature measurements in each APC-cored hole using the APCT-3 tool. If necessary, we may deploy the Sediment Temperature Tool (SET), but this is not included in the current time estimate.

Core orientation

We plan to orient all APC cores with the FlexIT orientation tool and will make use of nonmagnetic coring hardware to the maximum extent possible.

Downhole wireline logging

At the time of writing this Scientific Prospectus, the contract for providing wireline logging services is not yet in place. We anticipate providing basic wireline logging tools similar to those provided during the previous Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Wireline logging is planned for our three deepest penetration sites (MBF-3A, MBF-2A, and MBF-1A). This will consist of two logging runs including the triple combination (triple combo) and Formation MicroScanner (FMS)-sonic tool strings. If hole conditions allow, we also intend to conduct a check shot with the Versatile Seismic Imager (VSI) in two holes (MBF-3A and MBF-2A).