Operations plan/Drilling strategy

Our planned sequence of drill sites, coring/downhole measurements, and time estimate is provided in Table T1 and illustrated in Figure F6.

For operational efficiency, we intend to occupy the sites in sequence from east to west (MBF-3A, MBF-6A, MBF-2A, MBF-5A, MBF-4A, and MBF-1A).

All sites will start with a hole cored with the advanced piston corer (APC)/extended core barrel (XCB) system. If coring conditions (recovery, core quality, and penetration rate) permit, this first hole will be cored to the total target depth. All APC cores will be oriented, and a basic program of formation temperature measurements (with the advanced piston corer temperature tool [APCT-3]) will be made. A second hole will be required at our deepest penetration site (MBF-3A) and will consist of rotary core barrel (RCB) coring through the Eocene unconformity and to a total depth of 1500 m. Wireline logging is planned for our three deepest penetration sites (MBF-3A, MBF-2A, and MBF-1A).