Site summaries (continued)

Proposed Site NT1-04C

Alternate for proposed Site NT1-07A
32°54.000′N, 136°51.110′E
Water depth (m):
Target drilling depth (mbsf):
1400 (1300 m sediment)
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf):
1500; approved by CDEX and TAMU safety panels based on EPSP Jan 2007 recommendation
Survey coverage:
IFREE 3-D 2006 seismic survey; extensive survey data outlined in Proposal 603A-Full2 (
  • Track map (Fig. AF4)
  • IFREE 3-D Inline 95 (Figs. AF5, AF17)
  • IFREE 3-D Crossline 1151 (Fig. AF18)
  • 2-D KR Line 0211 (Fig. AF19)
(see text for full details):
Reference site:
  • Penetrate entire sedimentary section and into oceanic crust
  • Complete characterization of Shikoku Basin strata and upper igneous basement where basement topography is relatively flat
  • Document lithologic, hydrologic, thermal, geotechnical, and geochemical properties of subduction inputs
  • Log-seismic integration
Drilling, coring, and downhole measurement program:
See NT1-07A
Anticipated lithology:
0–400 mbsf: upper Shikoku Basin hemipelagics and volcanic ash
400–800 mbsf: lower Shikoku Basin hemipelagics and volcanic ash
800–1200 mbsf: lower Shikoku Basin hemipelagics and turbidite sands
>1200 mbsf: volcaniclastic sediments and basalt