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Fifteen 10 cm long whole-round cores were taken from Hole C0012A for molecular microbiology (phylogenetic) studies and stored at –80°C. Where dedicated microbiology whole-round core sampling was not possible, thirteen 10 cm3 "chips" were obtained from cleaned whole-round cores used for interstitial water analyses.

Fourteen 5 cm long whole-round cores were taken, sampled for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and cell counting studies, and stored anaerobically at 4°C for shore-based cultivation studies. Thirteen 2–3 cm3 samples were also taken from these 5 cm long whole-round cores and two samples from the 10 cm long whole-round cores described above (prior to ultralow freezing). These samples were preserved for shore-based cell counting and FISH studies.

Sixteen samples were taken from the working-half split core containing the contact between the lowermost sedimentary unit, a red claystone, and the uppermost basement basalt (lithologic Units VI and VII, respectively). These samples were obtained 3 days after core collection from cores that were stored at 4°C during this time.

Thirty-nine 1–2 mL interstitial water samples were obtained for shipboard spectrophotometric analyses of ferrous iron and acid volatile sulfide. Data from these measurements are presented in "Inorganic geochemistry."

Table T26 presents the depth and type distribution of the samples obtained from Hole C0012A described above.