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Bench site survey1

K.M. Gillis, J.E. Snow, A. Klaus, G. Guerin, N. Abe, N. Akizawa, G. Ceuleneer, M.J. Cheadle, Á. Adrião, K. Faak, T.J. Falloon, S.A. Friedman, M.M. Godard, Y. Harigane, A.J. Horst, T. Hoshide, B. Ildefonse, M.M. Jean, B.E. John, J.H. Koepke, S. Machi, J. Maeda, N.E. Marks, A.M. McCaig, R. Meyer, A. Morris, T. Nozaka, M. Python, A. Saha, and R.P. Wintsch2


A series of near-bottom surveys were conducted during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expedition 345 to characterize the seafloor and shallow subsurface of the Site U1415 area (Table T1). The purpose of these surveys was to observe and characterize the nature and local slope of the seafloor and the thickness of the subsurface material covering more competent basement, with the ultimate goal of siting drill holes. The surveys were either exploratory, to characterize the area surrounding the proposed drill sites (HD-01B–HD-03B) and to assess the viability of additional areas, or targeted, to characterize a specific hole location. All of the surveys involved visual observations; five of these surveys also collected acoustic subbottom profiling data using a 3.5 kHz near-bottom pinger. Plots of all data are available in BNCHSITE in “Supplementary material.” Raw and processed data are available in digital form from the IODP Data Librarian.

1 Gillis, K.M., Snow, J.E., Klaus, A., Guerin, G., Abe, N., Akizawa, N., Ceuleneer, G., Cheadle, M.J., Adrião, Á., Faak, K., Falloon, T.J., Friedman, S.A., Godard, M.M., Harigane, Y., Horst, A.J., Hoshide, T., Ildefonse, B., Jean, M.M., John, B.E., Koepke, J.H., Machi, S., Maeda, J., Marks, N.E., McCaig, A.M., Meyer, R., Morris, A., Nozaka, T., Python, M., Saha, A., and Wintsch, R.P., 2014. Bench site survey. In Gillis, K.M., Snow, J.E., Klaus, A., and the Expedition 345 Scientists, Proc. IODP, 345: College Station, TX (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program). doi:10.2204/iodp.proc.345.103.2014

2Expedition 345 Scientists’ addresses.

Publication: 12 February 2014
MS 345-103