Site summaries

Proposed Site GOAL-15C

Priority: Primary
Position: 59°41.3394′N, 143°12.0552′W
Water depth (mbrf): 261
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 1112
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 1225
Survey coverage: Inline GOA2505 (CDP 2845), Xline GOA2502 (CDP 1137), MCS line STEEP09 (CDP 14018) (navigation and bathymetric maps Figs. AF2, AF8; seismic profiles Figs. AF3, AF4, AF5)
Objective: Tectonic and climate history of the Bering Glacier and Trough
Drilling and coring program: • Hole A: APC to ~250 mbsf with non-magnetic core barrels, XCB to ~1112 mbsf
• See “Drilling and coring strategy” and Table T2
Downhole measurements program: • Wireline logging with triple combo, FMS-sonic, and VSI tool strings
• See “Downhole measurements strategy” and Table T2
Anticipated lithology: Mud, silt, fine sand, volcanic ash, ice-rafted debris, diamict