Site summaries (continued)

Proposed Site KB-2A

Priority: Primary
Position: 59°31.93′N, 144°8.03′W
Water depth (mbrf): 721
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 400
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 417
Survey coverage: Inline GOA3101 (CDP 398) (navigation and bathymetric maps Figs. AF25, AF28; seismic profiles Figs. AF26, AF27)
Objective: • Constrain the timing of multiple glacial events of the northern Cordilleran Ice Sheet, to test its relation to global ice sheet dynamics
• Test role of North Pacific surface temperatures control of late Pleistocene
glaciation at sub-century scale
• Document dynamics of productivity and intermediate water circulation in the Northeast Pacific
• Document paleomagnetic intensity and secular variation in NE Pacific to test hypothesis that lowermost mantle heterogeneities influence Earth’s magnetic field
Drilling and coring program: • Hole A: APC to ~200 mbsf with non-magnetic core barrels and core orientation
• Hole B: APC to ~200 mbsf with non-magnetic core barrels
• Hole C: APC to ~200 mbsf with non-magnetic core barrels
• Hole D: APC/XCB to 400 mbsf
• See “Drilling and coring strategy” and Table T2
Downhole measurements program: • Hole D: wireline logging with triple combo, FMS-sonic, VSI, and Magnetic Properties tool strings
• See “Downhole measurements strategy” and Table T2
Anticipated lithology: Hemipelagic mud, glacimarine sediment with diamict