Site summaries (continued)

Site SCS-6C

Priority: Alternate
Position: 18°33.384′N, 116°36.576′E
Water depth (m): 3294
Target drilling depth (mbsf): 110
Approved maximum penetration (mbsf): 110
Survey coverage (track map; seismic profile): Bathymetric sketch and site track map (Fig. AF1) Deep-penetration seismic reflection:
• Primary line: 08ec1602 (CDP6312) (Fig. AF8)
• Crossing line: 973SCSIO_01A (projected at SP7920) (Fig. AF9)
Objectives: • Examine the lithological nature of the boundary uplift between extended continental crust and oceanic crust
• Measure magnetization, mineralization, and geochemical compositions of basement rocks
• Model early-phase opening to better understand the rift-to-drift transition
Drilling program: Hole A:
• RCB with nonmagnetic core barrels to 110 mbsf
Downhole logging program: None
Nature of rock anticipated: (Calcareous) mudstone, siltstone, sandstone, basalt, gabbro, serpentinite