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Expedition 316 Site C00081

Expedition 316 Scientists2

Background and objectives

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Site C0008 was proposed as contingency Site NT2-10 in an addendum to the IODP Expedition 316 Scientific Prospectus (Kimura et al., 2007). This site examined the slope basin seaward of the splay fault penetrated at IODP Site C0004. Site C0008 is ~1 km seaward of Site C0004 (Figs. F1, F2). This contingency site was selected during Expedition 316 because of its good fit with the available time window and the scientific objectives of Expedition 316. Recovered material from this basin will help assess the timing and relative age of past fault motions via identification of provenance and age of basin material. The age difference between newly deposited basin sediments and older uplifted fault blocks will constrain the deformation history. The permeability and geotechnical properties of the basin material will provide reference properties for the section overrun by the splay fault. Shipboard and shore-based study of these properties will constrain the fluid flow and consolidation response of the footwall to splay fault movement. In situ temperature data were also collected to assess the thermal gradient and heat flow in this area for comparison with the temperatures recorded at Site C0004.

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Publication: 11 March 2009
MS 314315316-136