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Stratigraphic correlation

Holes U1351A and U1351B were drilled ~20 m from each other, with Hole U1351A being dedicated to whole-round sampling for geochemical analysis. The drilling of two holes at Site U1351 provides an opportunity for stratigraphic correlation and the possible construction of a spliced stratigraphic record with a common core composite depth below seafloor (CCSF) depth scale (see "Stratigraphic correlation" in the "Methods" chapter). Magnetic susceptibility (MSL), NGR, color, and GRA bulk density data were all used in the analysis of Site U1351 holes. Analysis of the physical property records reveals very few unambiguous tie points that could be used to correlate the two holes. Equally, the short length of Hole U1351A and the reasonable depth match between the few correlative features that could be unambiguously assigned in each hole obviated the need for detailed composite record construction and splicing in Correlator. On the basis of the magnetic susceptibility record and lithostratigraphic observations, the two holes can be tied at the base of a sandy unit at ~15.7 m in both holes (Fig. F6).