Principal results: Motion Decoupled Hydraulic Delivery System sea trials

One successful deployment of the MDHDS was achieved at 96.4 m drilling depth below seafloor (DSF) at Site U1402 (Fig. F72). The MDHDS was successfully delivered to the BHA and released with the electronic release system (ERS). In addition, the inner MDHDS subassembly was successfully unlatched from the outer subassembly and the T2P was driven into the formation with no damage to the penetrometer tip. The ERS was unlatched with the tether system and raised 2 m above the BHA. The drill string pressure was raised and the T2P penetrometer was successfully deployed into the formation. Temperature and pressure signals were successfully transmitted to the rig floor for 30 min and recorded downhole. Accelerometer data clearly show that the tool was completely decoupled from the drill string (Fig. F72). The in situ pressure was successfully measured and was equal to 7.536 MPa, just slightly above hydrostatic pressure (Fig. F73).