The idea for Bering Sea drilling was conceived as part of a two-basin international drilling plan initially submitted as Proposal 477Full in June 1995 during the Ocean Drilling Program era and successively revised several times since then, entitled "The Okhotsk and Bering Seas: High resolution Plio-Pleistocene Evolution of the Glacial/Interglacial Changes in the Marginal Seas." The proponents involved in the series of proposals include K. Takahashi, I. Koizumi, H. Okada, T. Oba, A. Taira, S. Svarichevsky, S.A. Gorbarenko, R. Tiedemann, D.W. Scholl, M. Okada, A.C. Ravelo, T. Sakamoto, M. Ikehara, H. Tokuyama, K. Iijima, Y. Kido, V. Bezverkhny, K. Katsuki, A. Rezanov, U. Suzuki, T. Tsuru, and F. Yamamoto.